معارف اہلبیت علیہم السلام

Allama Muhammad Sadiq haideri Books

علامہ محمد صادق حیدری کتب

Noori Maarefat

Pages 668

Islamaic beliefs and ideology has been illustrated in natural language of intellect and wisdom means logical language and in language of Allah means following the knowledge of religious Irfan (to know Allah) by following unbreakable mathematical rules like 2+2=4. No one can negate or nullify these rules and has courage to open his mouth to utter any word against this authentic realistic interpretation. The meanings of this book has burrierd of anti –philosophers anti-irfan in sand and has burst the magical water bubble of these shia entrappers and web of poorly arranged ideas expanded over centuries and now reality has been revealed prominent till day of judgment. This book is logistic and descriptive for pure hearts and minds, but this book is light over light for intellectuals.