معارف اہلبیت علیہم السلام

Allama Muhammad Sadiq haideri Books

علامہ محمد صادق حیدری کتب

Noori Aqal

Total Pages = 560

This sharah (explanation) exposes the secrets in the light and language of hikmat (wisdom), philosophy, and religious knowledge of irfan (to know Allah) of following subjects
• Reality of presence and existence of knowledge and wisdom
• Characteristics of real ulema(Islamic scholars)
• A comparison of between real ulema and santanic group of ignorance (Jehl)
• Interpretation of spiritual meanings of important basic and primary book Asool e Kafi ignored since centuries and proved those meanings and realities in the light of authentic and unbreakable mathematical rules, so follower ( follower without wisdom) mufti of fiqh e Asghar (shariat) finds no way except to accept and approve these realistic findings.