Introduction of Allama Muhammad Sadiq Haideri

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Biography of Allama Muhammad Sadiq Haideri: 

It was almost the middle of the twenties and the year 1955, which was the great year that was blessed with the honor that when a gem without end, a sea without end, a source of moonlight, the glory of the sun and light appeared on the horizon of the world, this man was a perfect philosopher. Elahi, Mohaqiq Azam and Arif Rabbani opened their eyes finally a village of Khairpur district of Sindh province, goth munshi abdullah, a child opened his eyes, who was named Muhammad Sadiq.

Your father's name is Ghulam Muhammad Arian, who was a zamindar involved in farming and owned personal land, your family is affiliated with ahle sunnat wal jamaat, and you belong to the Arian community, your entire community belongs to Lahore. In 1931, your grandfather Elhi Bakhsh was living in his native Mahmood Buti in Lahore, because his whole family was involved in agriculture. Your grandfather left Lahore in 1931 for Kasur, Faisalabad and from there to Sindh to settle the barren lands there using his family art of agriculture. Your father was also born in Sindh.

Basic Education

In 1961 you were admitted to Goth Munshi Abdullah's Government Primary School, getting primary education in Urdu. You were accustomed to hard work from the beginning. And was accustomed to work. I helped to work with my father in work  so I had very little time left after returning from school. Then the daily school arrived five minutes ago and had an hour for the night to get a great deal of education.

More you say that mental work, such as English, mathematics, Arabic and science articles from the very beginning, were a toy for me. Once he had read it, there was no need to read it again. From the sixth to the eighth grade, he studied in Government Middle School, Goth Shatabhu, Tehsil Gambat, District Khairpur.

You state that only two students passed the quarterly or half-yearly examination of thirty-five classmates of Class IX Science Group in Government Naz High School Khas Gumbat City, out of which they passed with first position.


It was just seven months of studying in this class when your father fell ill and had to leave school in 1970 to take care of household chores. As you were the eldest son of your parents, you could not complete your matriculation due to responsibility. From 1970 to 1980, education was interrupted for ten years, so these ten years he farmed in his land without school education. Your teachers would shake their hands in regret and say that if Haidari had stayed in school and given the chance, the way his mind worked, he would have reached a certain level, and become a great man or a mathematician.

He used to solve the exam paper first, on which the teacher was surprised. In middle exams were rigged otherwise I would have stood first in Gambit. He had a keen interest in science since childhood۔ He says that a problem of Algebra in the seventh grade was not being solved by the teacher, the teacher gave it into the Exams. I solved it with the help of the formula and submit the paper to Examiner, then all the teacher immediately saw that question, Alhamdulillah it was solved. The teacher called me back and asked how to solve the question, I told with the help of the formula, all the teachers saw that it was indeed correct, they were very surprised and happy.

You say that I converted to Shia when I was in 7th grade, it was 1967 when I became an adult there were Shia friends. The rest of the community with whom I adopted Shiaism after discussing and debating, other family member is still ahle sunnat wal jamaat. School education was interrupted, but the study of religious books continued.

Religious Education

You say that I was fond of reading religious books from the beginning, to fulfill this interest, I used to order religious books from Imamia Library Mochi Gate Lahore and Multan. Alhamdulillah, especially debate and historical information and the research facts of the Shia religion and the study was intended for the defense of the religion.

 In my mind, the revolution came from the study of these discussion books, the facts of Shia and the themes of this defense. In this regard, he further states that in 1967, a Shia headmaster, Mr. Ali Madad Sahib, said that your Urdu is very good. He gave the first volume of Justice (R) Sultan Mirza Sahib's Kitab-ul-Balag Al-Mubin and asked them to study it. After reading this book, I became aware of religious Shia details, order the remaining three volumes of Al-Balag Al-Mubin from Lahore and order some other books as well.

He says about adopting the Shia religion:

Shi'ism is my kind of distinction. By adopting Shi'ism, my mind went from low to high. The book Nahj-ul-Balagha containing the holy words of Hazrat Ameerul-Momineen (A.S.) in the language of Allah is the holy word of Ameerul-Momineen (A.S.).

This word itself caused me to move towards the domain, the sermons of Maula (a.s.) made me a friend of knowledge and encouraged me towards knowledge. In 1973, there was a big flood in the area and all the roads were cut off. He spent the night there. He says about this incident: I was interested in studying and I remembered the address of the Jafaria library which was in the main bazaar. He kept asking and bought Nahj-ul-Balagha from there. This Nahj-ul-Balaghah created a revolution in me!! I used to recite Nahj-ul-Balagha myself with such enthusiasm that it was as if the voice of Ameerul Momineen (A.S.) was echoing in my ears! There was an enthusiasm! I used to cry! Many times I recited Nahjul Balagha with Urdu translation.

In 1975, he built an Imam bargah in his village and held Majalis in Imam bargah. Syed Imam Ali Shah Lakiari, the founder of Sindh Shia Organization, was himself a political and religious landlord who defended the Shia there. He used to come to his meetings for three years. You say that the interesting thing is that Imam Ali Shah came to me to inaugurate Alam Abbas on the condition that I would also hold majalis aza there. I agreed. Hussain Bakhsh Sufi, who was a pious personality and a dhikr, had a close friendship with late Maulana Yar Muhammad Shah. He himself came for three years.

Until 1980, he continued to hold Azadari and Majalis there, most of the congregations were attended by scholars. You say that after working, I used to listen to Majlis with interest .He used to walk five to ten kilometers for Majalis and Azadari, even Imam Ali Shah and Shia elders were all recognized That I know the answers to all the questions raised about the Shia religion. They used to say that Haidari's level of knowledge is higher than that of the Shia-Jadi Pashti. Alhamdulillah: Although there was an environment of drunkenness, but Allah protected them from them.