معارف اہلبیت علیہم السلام

Allama Muhammad Sadiq haideri Books

علامہ محمد صادق حیدری کتب

Noori insan

In it recognition of self and human reality has been proved in detail with logical and philosophical argues according to Quran and Sunnah that mahiat and kind of humans is not one. There are lot of kinds of human. After differentiating among three kinds as Rooh-ul-Quds, Ahl-e-saadat and Ahl-e-Shaqawat, it has been illustrated that subject and topic of different human kinds is typical, logical and philosophical. If we accept one kind of human, insult of of Profesy and Imamat would be compulsory and with this concept Wilayat-e-Takweenia and Wilayat-e-Tashrihia can never be recognized and realized. However ignorance (Jehl) and Shakawat is approved.